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A Life Changing Experience


TM Missions is headed back to the Dominican Republic in November 2022!
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 Is there anything too hard for God?! 

The World Must Be Reached.

Do you have a burden to reach people? There is an entire world of people earnestly waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. 


They Are Waiting.

If you believe the news or those in your immediate circle, you might believe that  people are tiring of the gospel message, but do NOT believe that. Someone is waiting to hear your testimony, the scriptures that changed your life and the hope that lies within you.

Time Is Short.

We all are born with just this one life to live. By investing our lives in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and his saving power, we are sharing a message that will go far beyond our lives. Our time is short, but time is short in general.... Jesus is coming! It is the job of every believer to share our witness of his power.

Our Mission

TM Missions & Outreach is a gospel-driven missions and evangelism training organization.


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To God Be the Glory!

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